Rules of the Game 2, 3 & 4: There Are No Guidelines Aside from Those We Follow

by John Sage Aurora

It appears like instructions are all over. Since you were young, your parents set guidelines like "bedtime is at 8" or "you can only consume cookies on Fridays." Now that you're an adult, you can eat cookies whenever you want, and nobody can tell you different.

However, you're still following instructions. You probably are believing about the laws put in location. Yes, you can't do anything to overcome those rules, however I'm speaking of different directives.

The rules I'm discussing are fictional. They do not exist. You're the one that set them in the first location someplace along the way.

Today, we're going to break those guidelines and change them with some guidelines that will really get you to your goals. As part of a larger series, today, we're going to look at guidelines 2, 3, and 4.

Guideline Two: There are no rules aside from those you choose to follow

Continuing from Guideline One, you don't need to have guidelines in life. If you desire, you can toss the rules out the window and invest your money on whatever. This isn't always the most recommended way of life, so it's best to have some guidelines to follow.

Nevertheless, it's on you to set those rules. You can't let anybody else do it for you. We're more most likely to follow guidelines that we have actually set for ourselves since we know that they're there for a purpose-- not "even if."

You require to test these rules to make sure that they are in truth useful. If not, get rid of them. Worldwide of property investment, you can't hold yourself back if you do not need to.

Guideline Three: You get what you go for

In whatever in life, we end up going for less than what we want. I've seen it time and time again, and if I weren't too hectic concentrating on my own objectives, I 'd most likely feel bad for these individuals. But the fact is, you'll get only what you opt for. Here's an example of this guideline at work:

You choose that you need to find ways to make that additional money. At the same time, the thought of losing your $100,000 appears intolerable, and you 'd much rather secure what you have then make the additional money.

You're going for $100,000. On the other hand, if it is merely unacceptable for you to only have $100,000, you're dissatisfied with settling, and you'll do whatever it requires to turn that into $1,000,000. If you don't opt for less, the latter of the two scenarios is more likely to take place.

Rule Four: Anything you want in life is possible if you are willing to do what it takes

Let me be clear-- I'm not proposing you abandon all principles or morals and become a ruthless, money-hungry person. Rather, I want you to consider what you actually desire in life. Whether that implies you wish to double your net worth in the next six months or conserve enough for a vacation with the household, you need to be ready to do the difficult work and make your goals take place.

Stay Tuned

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